My Heart’s Home In The Storm

I had lost all my hope. But like always, the people in my life always helped pick me up when I fell. As I was surrounded by some of my best friends, I looked into the distance over a lake. I looked down as I saw my reflection in the water and I could not bear what I saw. I did not like where I was and it seemed like it was the same thing over and over again. I felt like I was listening to my life on a broken record, as it was the same story every time. But I raised my eyes to look over the lake at the trees dancing in the sky. All of a sudden a rainbow started to form as it cut the darkness of the sky like a knife. As the rainbow stretched its colorful body over the sky, the light started to glow even brighter and brighter as the sky turned from darkness to a glowing smile. A tear started to stream down my face, as  I was in wonderment of the beauty. I looked next to me realizing that I was also surrounded by the most beautiful hearts. As if it couldn’t get any more miraculous, another rainbow started form over the rainbow that just burst through the sky. 

Rainbows give me hope that light can always shine in the darkness. 
That in order to get the rainbow you have to go through the dark and ugly storm. 

Hi, I’m Kat and I struggle with Anxiety. Sometimes the war inside my head is too much for me to manage, but over time I realized I was not alone in what I was going through. I knew that I always had those friends to wrap around me like a rainbow during the duration of my storm. I knew that even in the darkest of days, even when I did not have any hope that things would get better- I held unto the spark of happiness that my rainbow was coming and I just had to wait out the storm. Rainbows have always been so special to me and I have always had a fondness for colors as they spark so much joy in my soul because they remind me of the hope of rainbows.

I realized that through the storm we need protection. We need shelter. During a thunderstorm we run to take shelter. I realized that during the storm I let my heart get hit by the lightning. But I had a realization that our hearts have a home. That our hearts need to be protected and I was not protecting my heart. That we can become damaged by the lightning if we do not have the shelter to protect our heart. If our heart is left out in the rain, hail, and lightning we will be stuck in the darkness. 

No matter how hard the storms of anxiety tried to shatter my heart and home, I remained strong in my foundation and realized what made my house so beautiful was the storms. I realized how to study the lightning gliding through the sky and learn from the storm, to teach me how to navigate the dark skies as the roadmap of life was clearly laid out from the lightning. I watched the raindrops race down the window and let it roll down my cheeks like tears. I realized that in the midst of the storm how to dance. Because when the rainbow comes, they become that much more beautiful because we had to go through the storm first.

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