The Ever-Present Spectrum

The word “racist” is one that scares many. No one wants to be called racist or be faced with any accusations relating to that. I think it’s because when people here that word, they instantly think of extremes like the KKK. But it’s actually possible to be racist and denounce the actions of such people. This is because racism exists on a spectrum. It is not only fitting to those who use the n word or other derogatory terms. It applies to anyone who is prejudiced against anyone of a different race.

The same is true with misogyny. A man is not only a misogynist if he hits women or kills them. It applies to men who make derogatory jokes or imply the inferiority of women as well – no matter how insignificant it may feel.

Now imagine being a black woman having to deal with multiple prejudices working against you. That is the reality of black women all across the world. It is not enough to fight against racism because you still have to fight against misogynistic men of your same race.

To end, I want everyone reading to remember that even black people are learning a lot during this time. It would be lazy of anyone to really solely on their black friends to teach them about racism as this actually contributes to a racist narrative. One black person cannot speak for the experiences of all black people.

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