Your Hebrews 11 Story

I have always enjoyed reading Hebrews 11. The title is Great Examples of Faith and it is an empowering and uplifting passage sharing the faithfulness of God throughout the Bible. I was thinking tonight, what would it be like to write our Hebrews 11 stories?

If we were to write down the story of our life or our family, what would the narrative be? Where would the faithfulness of God be seen? In my own life, I’ve seen it in the small moments like a special wind in a time of deep doubt, and the very big moments like moves across the world or decisions about the future.

I see the faithfulness of God in UnBlemished. From the beginning of UnBlemished this has been a project of surrender and trusting in the provision of God. In the last season it has been a time of trusting God in my busy-ness, lack of inspiration, and in the silence. I often think of the passage in 1st Kings 19 where the Lord was not in the earthquake or the fire, but the Lord was in the gentle whisper.

I often forget this message. Not only in the way that the Lord will show his faithfulness in my own life, but also in the way that I will share God with the world. It is easy to read a passage like Hebrews 11 where it says in verse 13;

“by faith these people overthrew kingdoms, ruled with justice, and received what God had promised them. They shut the mouths of lions, quenched the flames of fire, and escaped death by the edge of the sword.”

It is easy to beat myself up for the ways I have not shut the mouths of lions, or today’s equivalent. I struggle to always being dreaming of creating something that touches the lives of millions and moves the world. Yet, I am reminded of the importance of the gentle whisper (but I will keep dreaming ;))

In UnBlemished’s recent silence, I have developed a fear of how to break the silence. A thought for a piece will float across my heart, and I’ll talk myself out of posting because I don’t know if it’s great enough to break the silence of the last few months. I also have no plan for the next few months. Yet tonight, reading of the faithfulness of the Lord and reflecting on his faithfulness in my life and with his project, I remembered what UnBlemished was founded on. Vulnerability. It was built on the story.

The story of UnBlemished and all of our lives is still being written. Some of us may overthrow kingdoms while others of us may live in the gentle whisper. All of us are continuing the story of the faithfulness of the Lord and are living reminders of the goodness of God. May that encourage you where you are.

If this is your first time on UnBlemished- welcome! UnBlemished is a platform for women to share their stories and in immense vulnerability find lasting freedom.

There is power in weakness, and beauty in struggles. UnBlemished is here to share the stories of the women who live daily feeling alone in their battles.

Our mission statement is to unite Christian women of all ages through storytelling, immense vulnerability, and togetherness to acknowledge their purpose of creation whilst drawing them closer to the creator. We desire to provide a platform to normalize conversation about struggles and insecurities, give truth about why we are created and how to live and glorify God with our insecurities so that we as a Body of Christ may live in freedom unashamed.

If you would like to be a part of the UnBlemished community, use our Connect tab and reach out to us– new visitors and old! We would love to be a part of your journey 🙂

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