To be blemished is to “spoil the appearance of something” otherwise beautiful. We all live blemished lives. Whether it is a deep struggle, a lurking insecurity, or a controlling fear—we are blemished. However, blemishes do not last, and they do not take away the beauty beneath. Our God and creator makes us “new creation” as it says in 1 Corinthians 5:17. He takes away our blemishes. There is power in weakness, and beauty in struggles. UnBlemished is here to share the stories of the women who live daily feeling alone in their battles.

Our mission statement is to unite Christian women of all ages through storytelling, immense vulnerability, and togetherness to acknowledge their purpose of creation whilst drawing them closer to the creator. We desire to provide a platform to normalize conversation about struggles and insecurities, give truth about why we are created and how to live and glorify God with our insecurities so that we as a Body of Christ may live in freedom unashamed.

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